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CARISMA HEADS UP - BUYER BEWARE - FAKE WEBSITE WARNING is nothing to do with us, so anyone who falls for its crazy pricing and promises, please start a refund procedure with your Card Companies or PayPal.

Our real ecommerce site is:

They also have a Fake CML Distribution Bodyshop on there, that's also 100% FAKE AS FUNK...DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

The more people that report this the better, we have instigated legal action against them and the HK Cyber Security Taskforce is on the case.

Be safe out there people and remember, if its too CHEAP to be true, its not REAL!

M48S Subaru WRC


3D Print Parts at our shapeways Store



Carisma is a brand of Mun Ah Plastic Electronic Toys Company Limited, a Hong Kong Company originally established in 1967.

We are committed to making high quality remote control models. Our global approach ensures us in bringing you, our customer, some of the most exciting radio control models available anywhere. The main office is in Hong Kong and our modern manufacturing facility is located in mainland China. We are a group of passionate hobbyists committed to manufacturing products that deliver fun and performance.

Carisma is a company where a clean sheet of paper coupled with industry-leading creativity results in some very exciting RC products. We have engineering resources in both Hong Kong and China to design, develop and manufacture electronics, chassis and accessories.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed



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